Saturday, October 9, 2010

Old Hilliardfest and Other Updates!

Wow, I'm so sorry, I just realized I've been absent from my little blog world for over a month!
Shame Shame Shame! So I'm going to dedicate this post to the craft show and more to follow with other updates and such.

September 11, 2010 was my very first craft show. I spend a lot of time preparing, both to build my inventory and to figure out how I wanted my booth to look. I managed to get a decent inventory made, mostly hats but a few pairs of booties and headbands as well. My mom and dad were wonderful with helping haul all my stuff and helping me set up, Steve was extra wonderful because he stayed at home and got the kids up and dressed and fed which kept them out of the way :)

Sales were slow but I made make my booth fee plus some extra so I consider it to have been a success. Sales were slow for everyone, some didn't sell a single thing all day. People just didn't seem to be buying. A lot of people took business cards to hopefully some will come back to my online store.

We ended up packing up about an hour early because it started storming and the water came rolling across the parking lot. All in all a good day but boy was I tired for days afterwards! I have 2 more shows coming up and need to rebuild my inventory so yarn and hook here I come!

Here are some pictures from my booth setup!

Mom and Dad helping me get the tent and tables set up

My little checkout counter :)

My awesome hat stand!

I had the had in baskets according to size

My booth in whole. I loved the teal shears, you could see my from the other end of the parking lot!


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