Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can you get it to me by.....?

Wow, I'm behind...again...but I have a good excuse! I HAVE BEEN SWAMPED! I have had more sales in the past 2 weeks then the 5 previous months!!!! I am so excited and exhausted :) Lots of late nights crocheting away to get my orders out in time. Normally I don't have to rush quite so much but I've had a lot of requests that the items make it in time for babies/toddlers halloween costumes. I'm just kind of amazed and in awe that all these littles will be running (riding?) around in an awesome little hat created by me :)

My Mickey Mouse hat seems to be a favorite in my shop right now, especially to the California crowd. I wonder, is it Disney World trips or some of my awesome CA pals spreading the word? :)

So I'm off for now, to make yet another monkey and mickey hat to try and get shipped this evening. My fingers are numb but I'm so happy!!!!!!!!



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