Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artist Shout Out

I think its very important in the 'handmade world' for fellow artists/sellers to support each other, as well as spread the word when they find something worth endorsing. I have been meaning to write this post for a long time and have been so busy preparing for the craft show that it keeps slipping my mind when I'm near a computer, so my apologies for taking so long!

Any one who knits, crochets, drinks wine or likes jewelry needs to check out Dee's work at Fyrestorm Creations. You can visit her blog here and her facebook page here, either one should take you to her website and Etsy store. Dee works with polymer clay to make the most adorable wine glass charms, stitch markers, bracelets, etc. I have no idea where she gets the patience because her works is amazingly detailed and teeny tiny details sometimes.

I have 2 sets of her crochet stitch markers. She has sets available (a TON of choices) and also offers a 'build your own set' option. I opted to build my sets each time simply because I would love to have every set she offers so I picked my favorites out and got one of each!

The 5 along the bottom are from my first set (minus a butterfly that is in a project right now) and I have to say that the little purple fairy is my favorite from that group. The top 6 are from my most recent set. This picture doesn't even come close to doing them justice, they are so very very cute in person.

I was also the VERY lucky winner of Dee's blog giveaway earlier this month. The winner got a bracelet of their choosing and I had chosen the cupcake bracelet...I think I was very hungry that day :) Again, so hard to pick because there are several I'd like to have.

This bracelet is so cute and my daughter is fascinated by the little cupcakes and tries to nibble on them whenever she can. I plan on getting her a matching one for her 2nd birthday :)

So there you go, my little blog shout out. Check out her work and see for yourself!


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