Friday, February 4, 2011

2 Giveaways!

I've reached 130 fans on facebook and I'm thrilled! I'm greedy though :) I want to see if we can get that number to 200!!! To do that I'm going to need everyone's help, and as a reward I'll be doing a giveaway once I reach that magic number! One winner will get a hat of their choosing and the 2nd will get a $10 gift certificate to my store! Once its time I'll lay out all the ways to enter (yup, there will be more than one way this time!) and we'll get a winner!

In the meantime, send your friends, family, co-workers, mailman, etc on over to Warm Fuzzies by Cortney on Facebook and have them leave a little message saying how they found out about me!

Ready, Set, Go!!!!!!


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