Monday, January 3, 2011

Things That Make Me Go OOH!

A picture is worth a thousand words...if you know what you are looking at! Let me fill you in on the awesomeness that is the above picture. These nifty little gadgets are crochet hooks, Clover brand Crochet Lite hooks to be exact, and I am the proud owner of one now!

While picking up some yarn at Hobby Lobby this morning, I meandered down the aisle that houses the hooks and miscellaneous doodads that knitters and crocheters use, and what did my little eye spy for me? These hooks!!! IN STOCK AND ON THE SHELF! I've heard from other hookers about these amazing hooks that light up on the end but had yet to find them in stores anywhere. My first though was...'will I really be able to work in the dark?' until I realized the real point of these, to light up dark colored yarns to make it easier to see your stitches and less stressful on the eyes. AMAZING I TELL YOU!

If you've ever had to make something in black yarn you know that it can be darn impossible to catch those loops sometimes if your light is slightly less than perfectly lit. As most of my work is done at night after the kids go to bed (and I do not currently own an OTT light) this might just be the answer to all my frustration.

I purchased an H sized hook as that is what I primarily use (I now own 6 H hooks with this addition) and what do you know, its the purple one! How's that for icing on the cake. I am anxiously awaiting nap time for the kiddos so I can try it out. I was a bit unsure for the simple fact that the tip is acrylic but after a little test run I found that the yarn moved pretty smooth over it so now I'm just plain excited!

I will (hopefully) have a new hat to debut this afternoon. I just need to get some pictures taken. So that's my little news for now!


  1. Where did you get it from....I to desire such a magical tool <3

  2. I was distracted by the picture and did not see... I will now read all your words properly. Whoops

  3. lol I got mine at Hobby Lobby. I haven't seen them at Michaels or Joanns yet :)